Energy consumption: Put Your Systems on a Diet!

Christmas diner

With December comes the cold weather, holidays and above all, excess! To heck with budgets, diets, the gym... We give up our good habits for a month and pay the price in January! A few pounds too much or a few dollars less is not the end of the world, but when this laissez-faire approach is taken to the workplace, there are greater repercussions. Even if you can’t resist the temptations of the holiday season, you can still easily reduce energy consumption in your business. Find out how!

How the Mining Industry Can Improve its Energy Efficiency

mining industry

The mining industry is facing major sustainable development challenges. In addition to minimizing the air emissions it produces, it must make sure employees can work in a healthy environment. These issues fall squarely within AIREX’s area of expertise and that is why the audacious and latest technological innovations developed by our specialists can help mines significantly increase their energy efficiency.

The Internet of Things is Coming to the World of Dust Collection!

Internet of Things

Dust collection is essentially a mechanical process. That being said, several technological components are an integral part of the systems installed in industrial environments. For example, process control involves devices that require tailored programming by automation specialists. The installed logic and sequencing represent control intelligence that directly influences operational effectiveness and cost. These technological devices, like many others that are present in manufacturing industries, contribute greatly to the profitability of businesses.

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