Crystalline silica: the outside air also poses a danger

Most companies are aware of the dangers threatening their employees when contaminants like crystalline silica are present in their industrial operations. This is one reason why high-performance dust collectors like those from Airex are found in this type of environment. But did you know that in some contexts, such as in the mining sector, the outside air can also be contaminated and pose a considerable risk?

Dust Collector Maintenance: The Worst Horror Stories

Dust Collector Horror Stories

At Halloween, many parents carefully inspect their little monsters’ bag of candy before letting them enjoy their haul. And that’s excellent: prevention is in order. This advice also applies to maintaining your dust collector. We previously told you about best practices to adopt for preventing the worst. This time, though, we’re showing you what can happen if you don’t follow these guidelines. It’s not for the faint of heart!

Dust collectors: Focus on preventive maintenance

preventive maintenance on dust collectors

When purchasing the latest dust collector, many companies make a fatal mistake: they skimp on maintenance, either due to a lack of information, or sometimes out of negligence. Companies may think they’re saving a few bucks, but in reality, they’re heading down a costly—and dangerous—road. Oh, the horror stories our experts could tell! Let’s explore the various issues that can arise in an improperly maintained dust collector.

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