Foray Into The World Of Dust Control

dust control in industrial environment

Dust control is a field of expertise unto itself. Separation techniques, angle of repose of particles, anti-explosion protection... multiple aspects come into play when it comes to sanitizing the air in an industrial space. If you work the manufacturing, mining or other industry, this aspect of the work environment is undoubtedly of concern to a number of your departments. And for good reason! Poor air quality management can jeopardize the workers’ health as well as cause premature wear of some equipment.

Need a little more information on this subject? Here is an overview.

What Influences The Useful Life Of A Filtering Medium? Part 1

maintenance dust collector

Our dust collection specialists are frequently asked to answer the following question: what is the normal useful life of a filtering medium?

In reality, operating parameters vary so widely from one process to another that it is nearly impossible to establish a standard scale. A filter can perform flawlessly after seven years, but it can just as easily come to the end of its useful life after two. It all depends on the context and environment to which it is exposed.

Let’s instead shift our focus by rewording the question like so: what factors determine optimal use of a dust collector?

Manage Your Energy Use Intelligently

sustainable manufacturing facility

Ever since the industrial revolution of the 1950s, modernization has been considered the long-awaited salvation enabling manufacturers to substantially increase their productivity. Today, the pervasiveness of technology and electronics in industrial companies is becoming more pronounced at an unbridled pace. However, the introduction of various pieces of advanced equipment is also associated with an operating cost. In fact, manufacturing entities must now deal with the pressure caused by the rising cost of their energy use. That modern day challenge seriously threatens companies’ profit margin and, ultimately, their sustainability.

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