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Challenges of the Economic Recovery: Airex is Innovating and Adapting!

Economic Recovery

Good news: global markets are picking up steam and the economic recovery is coming faster than expected! Many companies are having to respond to new needs that emerged during the pandemic or upgrade their equipment, while some are expanding or relocating.

As a result, in addition to the manufacturing sector not being up to full speed yet, the demand for new dust collection systems is increasing, and this exceptional situation is affecting our time lines. So this month, we want to point out the role you can play in making a successful request using this checklist of our new procedures.

Air Emissions and Dust Collection: What You Need to Know!

émissions de particules à l'atmosphère

Like many industries, your activities probably generate contaminants in the air. As you know, above a certain air release threshold, it is mandatory that you use a dust collector tailored to your processes and to the quantity and type of particles emitted. To help you understand why, we’ll review the ABCs of dust collection and air emissions.

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