Mobility And Welding Fume Extraction In The Work Place

welding in large working area

Extracting welding fumes can be a real headache when your machine shop has large work areas where the workers must continually move around to perform their tasks. However, there is a simple, effective solution for maintaining the air quality in your work environment, yet without breaking the bank.

Preventing Combustible Metal Dust Explosions - Part 4

hood and double snorkel for metal dust filtration

If your business specializes in fabricated metal production, your installation is most probably equipped with a dust collection system. The design of such systems requires expertise and few manufacturers possess the necessary inside knowledge in air decontamination. For this reason, this last post will address the required minimum specifications for a dust collection system handling highly explosive metallic particulate matter.

Preventing Combustible Metal Dust Explosions - Part 3

Spark-producing metalworking tool

In two previous posts, we highlighted those elements that may jeopardize the health and safety of personnel working in fabricated metal product businesses. We then identified highly explosive metals and associated risks found in different manufacturing sectors. In the same vein, this article addresses potentially hazardous situations in the workplace and their prevention.

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