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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controller


variable frequency drive vfd controller

The SpeedFX manages fan speeds for optimum performance resulting in energy savings and longer filter life.

Often, equipment will function successively or alternatively. The air flow rate increases above the needs of the equipment, which creates an unnecessary energy consumption expense (blower and evacuated hot air).

The SpeedFX is a control device which calibrates dust collector outputs, or any other equipment on a suction line which optimizes blower usage.

How it Work

variable frequency drive vfd controller

With the SpeedFX, static pressure within the system (like dust collecteur or make-up air unit) is measured and the controller adjust the fan speed depending of the number of devices running. It is also possible to adjust the fresh air inflow preventing negative pressure inside the building.

Standard Characteristics

  • Variable frequency drive
  • Control panel equipped with Airflow Controller
  • Premium efficiency motor


  • Lowers energy consumption bills
  • Payback in less than 2 years
  • Many power suppliers are offering discounts and rebates for installing energy-saving devices
  • Available for both new and old dust collectors and air make-up systems



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