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Rotary Air Lock


rotary air lock

The Airex Industries line of rotary airlocks are designed to control the flow of discharge material from a dust collector or other type of process by maintaining an air seal.

A motor driven paddle wheel rotates material from the top of the housing to the bottom.

How it Works

The discharge falls from the hopper into the rotary airlock. Paddle wheels with rubber extensions to keep the system hermetically sealed collect the discharge. A motor drive rotates the paddle wheels at a specified speed and eventually the particles are evacuated from the bottom of the system without breaking the air seal.



rotary air lock characteristics

Standard Characteristics

These units come complete with a TEFC motor (575/480/240V), all gears, covers, flaps, chain, gearbox, support, and protective guard. Standard sizes are 6”, 10”, 15” & 20”. Capacities range from 20 to 104 cubic feet per minute.

  • Standard sizes of 6'', 10”, 15'' and 20”
  • Mild steel industrial construction
  • TEFC motor (575/480/240V)
  • Gearbox, chain and OSHA protective guard
  • Neoprene rubber seals
  • Inlet/outlet boltable flange


  • Stainless steel components
  • Silicon type rubber seals
  • Explosion proof motor
  • Anti-abrasion steel casing
  • Zero speed switch (rotation sensor)

Selection Criteria

  • Product density
  • Abrasion
  • Temperature
  • Process ∆P
  • Product discharge rate
  • Available voltage


  • Controlled and automated discharge of the dust collector
  • Maintains the dust collector’s air seal

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