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  • BP Pont-Rouge

    (Pont-Rouge, Québec)

    Panels and fiber acoustic ceiling tiles manufacturer.

    Air balance standardization and steam heating systems replacement with an high efficiency heaters.

  • Electrolux

    (L'Assomption, Québec)

    Household appliances manufacturer.

    Residual energy recirculation to other plant processes.

  • Greenfiled Éthanol

    (Varenne, Québec)

    Corn-based alcohol producer.

    Heat exchanger adding on global processes releases.

  • Sitec Canada

    (Charlevoix, Québec)

    Silica mining.

    Installing a dust collector and a plate heat exchanger to recover and recirculate residual energy from the rotary dryer silica stone through the plant.

  • TRT Etgo

    (Bécancour, Québec)

    Agricultural processing industry.

    gas consumption reduction thanks to dust collector insulation.

  • Les produits Zinda

    (Candiac, Québec)

    Couscous and other food products manufacturer.

    Design, manufacture and installation of energy recovery unit to heat the factory fresh air from the process residual energy.

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Sustainable Development

What Do We Mean By Sustainable Development ?

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

 The continued use of energy resources by manufacturing companies unfortunately has a negative impact on the environment: Most companies struggle with major greenhouse gas and air-borne contaminant emissions.

We strive to keep this in mind in all our projects. By choosing to optimize our customer’s energy consumption, we reduce pollution released to the atmosphere.


Energy Efficiency

energy efficiency

The industrial sector alone consumes 37.2% of available energy resources (all types combined). The significant operating expenses of  heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems along with industrial processes are major concerns for manufacturers.

Customers entrust their projects to us because of substantial monetary savings and shorter return-on-investment periods. Several private and public agencies provide funding that considerably reduces project costs. Grant applications are part of our turn-key service.



Our interventions

Reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs)

Reducing greenhouse gases

As leaders in energy-efficient solution, we help companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Staff assigned to various GHG-reduction tasks applies ISO 14064 to assure GHG certification at the customer site.

Reducing air-borne

Reducing air-borne contaminants

Our 40 year track record in air pollution control manufacturing has made us a leader in the field of industrial dust control and ventilation.

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