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A Better Understanding of Source Capture Devices

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In addition to cleaning the air in your plant, the dust-collection system plays an important role in terms of productivity. Particulate matter released at a work station can affect workers, cause recurring cleaning tasks or compromise the quality of parts under production. To avoid these potentially costly disadvantages, it is important to optimize your central system’s operations by installing the appropriate capture devices upstream.

What Influences The Useful Life Of A Filtering Medium? Part 2

Industrial cartridges filtering medium removal

The useful life of filtering media is a major concern in the design of any industrial dust collection system. Since the cost of filters replacement is a recurring expense, companies want to extend their use as long as possible, which makes perfect sense!

In an initial article on this issue, we established that the initial design of the unit greatly influences the useful life of the filters and that a system that is too small for the needs increases the risk of occultation. Therefore, it is wise to have a slightly over-sized dust collection system to withstand an increase in the dust load without creating problems.

This second article on the subject will more specifically cover the types of particles and how they interact with the filtering medium.

When Decontaminating The Air Entitles You To Grants!

air decontamination grant

Most of Quebec’s industrial companies contribute to the Quebec government’s Green Fund. Do you have any idea how much you have paid into it since it was created in 2006?

The money in that fund goes towards many programs that seek to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs). The good news is that a number of them can help you upgrade your facilities or establish new processes. So, these grants are a golden opportunity to recover the amounts that you pay into the Green Fund while also boosting your competitiveness!

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