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  • Uniboard

    (Sayabec, Québec)

    Chipboard producer

    Combustion gas energy recirculated to the kilns.

  • Sherwood

    (Sherbrooke, Estrie)

    Hockey sticks factory.

    Variable frequency drive system installation.

  • Mapei

    (Chicago, Il, USA)

    Adhesives and additives manufacturer.

    Dust collectors fans power consumption reduction.

  • Airex Industries

    (Drummondville, Québec)

    Lighting Retrofit.

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Consumption Optimization and Peak Power Shaving


Reducing electrical energy consumption is an integral part of our know-how.

Dust Collector Load Reduction

With nearly 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing air-based capture systems at Airex Industries, our energy division is in the best position to optimize your dust collector. By adjusting the air flow according to actual usage among the different workstations spread across the plant, you will surprisingly save a substantial sum of money. These projects are eligible for funding (in non-repayable grants).

Variable-Speed Drives

Adding variable-speed drives to motorized systems such as pumps, exhausts systems, fresh air intake units, etc. reaps financial benefits.

Power Load Controller

Use a power load controller to shave peak power and strategically shed loads off selected equipment: Your monthly power bills will look healthier.

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