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Recognized leaders in energy efficient solutions, we have provided assistance and guidance to companies for the past 40 years in their efforts to decontaminate air and offer a clean environment for workers and the surrounding milieu. We endeavour to provide engineering services from office to field with solutions tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Their satisfaction is the key to our success!

An integrated engineering services

Founded in 1975, Airex Industries inc. is a innovative business that designs and develops flexible and efficient state-of-the-art solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Air Handling

Airborne contaminant reduction ranks highly among our areas of expertise. Over the years, our company has become a well known authority in air decontamination, especially in the design and development of dust capture, transport and filtration systems as we strive to meet customer demands in industrial ventilation.

Energy Efficiency

Airex uses recent hi-tech developments along with its know-how to optimize manufacturing processes as well as design and develop energy recycling systems that will allow you to reap dividends with increased productivity and by the same token reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. A winning combination indeed!

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