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The 10 Commandments Of Dust Collection

10 Commandments Of Dust Collection

Any self-respecting company operating in the manufacturing or industrial sectors must monitor air quality to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

In the event that a dust-removal intervention becomes necessary, first ask yourself if you are sinning against the major tenets of dust collection! Here are the 10 holy rules to follow to avoid any misstep.

1. You shall be concerned about air quality

Dust and particles found in the air can pose significant hazards to workers. Although they are practically invisible, these substances cannot be ignored because they are often sources of toxic or carcinogenic contaminants, in addition to posing a risk of fire or explosion.

2. You shall comply with codes and standards

Worker safety is protected by a number of regulatory bodies. If you are not thorough in your dust management, you could be fined or even prohibited from using your production equipment.

3. Your dust collector shall not be too small

Beware of discount dust collection systems. There is nothing to be gained from buying a system that is too small for your needs. Not only will your parts wear prematurely, but insufficient filtration capacity will put your resources at risk.

4. You shall install protective accessories

Multiple fire protection accessories are an integral part of any dust collection system. Not only do they seal the equipment and ensure the integrity of your facilities, but they are vital to protecting your workforce. In the event of a spark, these accessories are what will prevent a catastrophe.

5. You shall optimize operating costs

A number of methods and strategies can help lower your operating costs. Reusing filtered air, controlling the fan speed and recovering heat from exhaust air are some effective techniques that will generate significant cost-savings, year after year.

6. You shall prioritize your system’s maintenance

Your dust collection system’s maintenance schedule must be closely followed. The tasks involved have been carefully determined to prevent premature wear on machines, prevent accidents, and ensure optimal air quality. Proper maintenance is key to harnessing your facility’s full potential.

7. You shall train system users

When the dust collection system is set up and activated, your operators must keep the facility running safely and efficiently. This will require proper training by experts in the field.

8. You shall not use the system for another purpose

Each dust collection system is designed and adapted for a specific environment. When choosing and configuring machines for specific functions, a host of factors are considered. Operating a used machine or relocating one for a different use does not ensure compatibility and exposes workers to significant risks.

9. You shall in no way alter the system’s design

We strongly advise against adding new equipment or connections to the existing system without a recalibration. Doing so without the help of an expert could damage the whole network. Aside from disrupting velocity inside ductwork, source capture efficiency could also be affected and result in a number of dangerous consequences.

10. You shall seek expert advice

Dust collection is a field of expertise in itself and comprises many technical aspects. To help you follow these rules religiously, the professionals at AIREX Industries will be your best allies.

For installation, adjustments or repairs, ask our advice on anything involving your plant’s air quality!

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10 Commandments Of Dust Collection

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