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Laminar Cross Draft Filtration Unit

Power Wall Series

laminar cross draft filtration unit

Efficient and Compact Filtration

The Power Wall seriesTM offers a compact design that creates a circular airflow to capture and filter the ambient air in a workshop. The system uses a unique design consisting of a series of adjustable nozzles for directing the air flow in the desired pattern.

Nozzle specifications

nozzle specifications

The nozzles are the key to this concept. They allow to ventilate those hard to reach areas over long distances without ductwork.

CFM : 1500 ( 4x by units)
Static pressure : 0.78
Nozzle Velocity : 3000 FPM
NC : 44 DB
Projection : 25 ft
Noise level : low (low pressure)
Rotation : 360 degree, 70 degree global
Angle adjustment : easy finger tip



Operating principle

laminar cross draft filtration unit operating principle

Headlight advantages

Do not interfere with overhead obstructions
High velocity nozzles allows the airflow to travel a long distance without installing additional ducting network.

Reduced cost
Ductless installation reduces costs and improves sightlines. Furthermore, the choice of a direct drive blower requires less HP during operation.

Rubber flaps
During the filter cleaning process, rubber flaps seal the shutters preventing particles from escaping outside the unit.

Motor with VFD
Low negative pressure flow is maintained when the unit is stopped preventing particles from escaping outside the unit.

Blower characteristics

The blower has a backward inclined wheel mounted directly onto the motor shaft. One of the highly appreciated features of this type of wheel is its low noise level. The motor is mounted outside the airflow and the design meets AMCA ‘C’ standards.

Blower specifications

CFM : 6000
Pressure : 6 H2O
RPM : 1750
DBA at 5ft : 78.9
HP : 15
Frame : 254T
Shaft : 1.625" Ø

Performance curve

performance curve-en

direct drive blower

Various Configurations


Option A

      • Low profile
      • Optional floor stand
      • Drawer kit



Option B

      • Hopper
      • Half-drum

Option C

      • Extended heigth return
      • Drawer kit



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