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The aerospace industry and its contaminants: what do you need to know?

When manufacturing aerospace components, there are multiple standards to keep in mind, not to mention safety issues! As you know, your processes produce many particles that can be harmful for your workforce. Examine those processes and ask yourself:

  • Is there a deflagration risk in connection with the dust in your facilities? Your teams probably handle some combustible materials like aluminum, titanium, magnesium or beryllium, all of which increase the risk of fire and explosion.
  • What type of particles are produced? The aerospace industry generates waste loaded with heavy metals and harmful resin.
  • Do you use composite materials, such as carbon fibre? It creates a fine, extremely volatile black dust requiring a specific type of capturing. This is in addition to carbon smoke that spreads very easily.


Are you aware of the risks associated with your processes?

Whether you build aircraft, their equipment or engines, the risks of fire and explosion must be controlled and reduced… in addition to protecting your workers from respiratory and skin problems!

We know that your industry has its share of constraints. For example, aerospace components must be light weight, have superior mechanical strength and a high melting point. That’s why aluminum, magnesium, titanium and beryllium have an important role in this industry. What else do they have in common? They are highly combustible materials. (Remember that a deflagration can occur if the size and concentration of the dust in the atmosphere meet the flammability criteria.)

Did you know that it is strongly discouraged to capture particles created by cutting and drilling parts made of aluminum (and other explosive metals) with a dry dust collection system? By opting for a wet dust collector, you will reduce the risk of incidents by submerging the sparks produced by your processes and capturing the fine particles more effectively. Prevention comes first!


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How can you minimize the risks of fire and explosion?

The aerospace industry has to deal with these risks on a daily basis due to the nature of the particles generated by its processes. To do so, complying with the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is especially critical, particularly its Standard 484 for Combustible Metals. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of these requirements and can guide you towards dust collection solutions tailored to your facilities. The goal? To ensure the safety of your workforce by limiting the risk of deflagration and putting dust collection systems in place to control the extent of potential damage.


What is the Best Dust Collector for the Aerospace Industry?

It all comes down to context! As in many industries, there is no single solution geared to the sector’s every situation. If you work with composite materials, there are methods for source capture or high-efficiency process enclosure. If your workers handle combustible metals, avoid dry systems. We strongly suggest a wet scrubber, as pointed out in the NFPA’s health and safety recommendations. A wet dust collector like the Wetrex is ideal for lightweight explosive materials.

In our view, the best dust collector is the one that perfectly meets your needs and enables you to save money. Our experts can suggest some sustainable options for you that are well thought out to minimize production shutdowns, repairs and energy use. Here’s an overview of what we can offer you:

  • Innovative solutions with an excellent service life, such as our high-pressure central vacuum system with high-vacuum pump.
  • Equipment approved by the CNESST and NFPA standards to prevent incidents.
  • A team consisting of engineers and specialists available to you for outages and preventive maintenance.

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