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Spark Detective

spark detective

The Spark Detective is a ultramodern system for spark detection and extinction including all characteristics and functionalities of the most expensive systems at a very competitive price.

The Spark Detective has eight detection areas who can be connected to a spark detector or to other types of sensor such as heat, pressure or debit detector. Inputs and outputs supervised by the system ensure a permanent link between the system and its peripherals. The system detects if the line is cut, a short circuit occurs, or when a grounding.

The basic system includes: The supervision panel with batteries, 2 spark detectors, 1 sound signalling hooter, 1 extinction kit. (1 Solenoid, 1 filter and 1 jet)

The system is very rapid and use 30L/min at a 60 to 100 lbs pressure for extinction. The design prevents the jet from stopping itself.

The operating interface is composed of a LCD display with 4 lines; a luminous withness for each inputs and outputs of the system to facilitate the identification of the action taken by the system.

The supervision controller has a real time clock that allows you to have an alarm historic. With this clock, the system checks automatically the system according to a schedule so testing can be done during breaks and lunch time. We can even stop/start the dust collector automatically.

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