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New Generation of Wetrex Series Wet Dust Collectors

Fabtech Expo 2011 in Chicago

Airex Industries unveiled its new generation of Wetrex Series wet dust collectors at the Fabtech Expo 2011, held in Chicago.

The efforts sustained by our engineering team, as well as the attention to manufacturing details, allow us to proudly offer this new range of wet dust collectors which surpass the highest standards of the industry.

How is the Wetrex Series different from units offered by the competition?

  • Operates under pressures of up to 16" H2O.
  • Filtration efficiency of up to 77% for particles of 1 micron
  • Blower motor located outside the contaminated air flow
  • Automated hydrocyclone water filtration system (optional)
  • Industrial strength rugged design
  • Fully programmable multitask controller (20 inputs – 9 outputs).

Our manufacturing procedures guarantee a high speed delivery of the equipment designed specifically to your needs.

The arrival of the Wetrex Series 2.0 generation demonstrates that Airex Industries is a leader in its field and offers the best quality/price ratio.

Fabtech Expo 2011 in Chicago
wet dust collector
wet downdraft table
Fabtech Expo 2011 in Chicago

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