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Dust Collection And The Paperboard Industry: The Unknown Issues Of Plant 4.0

Dust Collection for paperboard industry

The outcome of the technological revolution and ever-increasing volumes to be managed, Industry 4.0 is a new era for the paperboard products plant. It’s goal – automation! In this race to productivity, choosing your dust collector should not be done lightly. This is a particularly important issue, and the slightest negligence can lead to a catastrophe.

You have “dusted off” your production line…

Imagine your state-of-the-art plant. Paperboard products are being transformed at a rapid rate, generating a considerable volume of trim and dust. Although the team of high-performance robots cost in the nine digits, this investment was not foolish but a necessity. How else do you produce millions of units a day? At the end of its task, the production line has to dispose of its waste. Responsible for this operation is the dust collection system.

What happens if your dust collector has not been properly designed? When the time comes for the accounting, it is not dust that will get in your eyes, but a worrying fact: the many service outages caused by blockages on any part of the suction system will have cost you hundreds of hours of production.

… but not your dust collector!

A high-performance paperboard product plant means more production, and therefore (much) more dust. If your dust collector cannot keep up with the pace, several problems can arise.

  • Plugging of the suction network at various points, up to the dust collector.
  • Premature wear of your production equipment if the velocity is insufficient to suck out all the dust. It can then enter the machinery and jam the mechanism, or damage your finished products.

paperboard dust collector

Horizontal baler connected to a paperboard trim separator installed upstream of Airex industries dust collector

In any case, a production shutdown will affect your line. But beyond the shortfall, the consequences can be dramatic: cellulose dust is highly flammable. Allowing it to accumulate is like covering your plant with a thin layer of particles that can catch fire at any time… At the slightest spark, imagine the disaster!

Plant 4.0 = new needs

Under these conditions, it would be tempting to set up an ultra-efficient dust control system, even if it means overprotecting your business. Is this a wise choice? The dust collector would do its job, but your electricity bills would go up unnecessarily. At a time when energy management is a major issue for business sustainability, it would be counterproductive.

So how do you choose a dust collection system that is right for your operation? By taking each detail into account and carefully analyzing the issues associated with very high volume production, which is typical of automated plants. To guide you through this journey, the help of specialists who are up to speed with today’s manufacturing world can help you avoid costly trial and error.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experts. With a dust collector that is perfectly suited to the speed of your paperboard product line, you can minimize service shutdowns… and gain valuable savings!

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Dust Collection for paperboard industry

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