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Have you ever considered variable-volume dust collection?

variable-volume dust collection

A powerful motor does not necessarily perform well. Don’t forget: Motor energy consumption goes hand in hand with its power rating.

Redefine performance

We often think that dust collection performance is the ability of the system to extract air contaminants from all work stations simultaneously. Reality has it otherwise: we rarely see a manufacturing facility operating all machines at full capacity throughout an entire shift.

Installing a variable-volume dust collection system gives the opportunity for the manufacturer to use a motor that consumes less energy, and in some cases, saves the company money during future expansions.

What does it have to offer?

Reduced overall flow volume
Automatic adjustment of individual workstation air velocities allows you to reduce and optimize overall flow volume for contaminant extraction.

Energy savings
Variable-volume filtration will reap substantial energy savings.

Noise reduction
Lower air velocities in the building ventilation conduit network will help reduce vibration and subsequent noise propagation to the surrounding environment.

An example to illustrate our point

The adjacent graph gives an idea how a dust collector with a variable-frequency motor-driven fan installation consumes less energy compared to the various damper adjustments required at entry and exit ports.

For example, to meet 40% of the rated rpm capacity of the collector, the required damper adjustments at the exit and entry ports will consume respectively 80% and 71% of the available motor energy input, whereas the variable-frequency motor will consume a mere 20%!

The lower prices of VFDs over the past years combined with increasing energy costs leaves you with little choice.

Better value for your money

Before attempting to modify equipment, it would be wise to measure your existing installation to validate the expected energy savings following the installation of the variable-volume system, and in turn allow you to benefit from government sponsored non-repayable funding.

variable-volume dust collection

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