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Join AIREX at the CIM Convention

cim convention

From April 28 to May 1, AIREX will have the pleasure of participating in a flagship event for the Canadian mining industry, the annual CIM convention in Montreal. During these three days of training and knowledge sharing, industry leaders will gather around themes AIREX is passionate about: information, intelligence and innovation.

Our exhibition space (#2126) will be an opportunity for you to discover concrete ways to improve your energy balance.

Technology Serving Industry

Attuned to industry concerns, our presence at this year’s CIM convention builds on the question of how to use technology to make mining operations both safer and more energy efficient.

With a deep understanding of the issues facing the mining sector, our team has developed a number of innovative solutions to these problems in recent years. These focus on two main areas: dust collection and energy recovery.

Safety at the Heart of our Expertise

In addition to reducing visibility, airborne particles pose a real threat to the health of workers. When this happens underground, in the narrow tunnels of a mine, the risks can only increase tenfold.

AIREX experts recently took on a similar challenge. Faced with a significant dust problem related to blasting operations, one of our clients was in urgent need of assistance.

The goal was to improve visibility to enable continued operations and ensure worker safety through the installation of a tunnel dust control system.

This is the type of mandate in which our team’s leading expertise fully comes into its own! In the space of one week, we proposed equipment and provided customized plans to meet the needs involved, taking into account the customer’s specific conditions and restrictions.

Bold Energy Efficient Solutions

Because of their size and their activities, mines are necessarily energy intensive. Our experts saw in this situation the opportunity to give free rein to their ingenuity. AIREX has developed a system that reuses heat to reduce the need for gas or electricity.

This technology combines our expertise in energy efficiency and in dust collection to allow for the recovery of tainted air from tunnels. Once cleaned, this preheated air returns to the supply stream, minimizing energy consumption and GHG emissions.

Measuring the Impact of Change

If our solutions spark your curiosity, visit us at the CIM convention. Our specialists have developed simulation software to measure the impact of such a project on your budget and on the environment.

Based on a few figures, we will be able to quantify your potential savings, the reduction in your energy needs and the projected cost of heating your facilities. We will also give you an idea of the investments required to implement a system, and we will even inform you about the grants available.

Together, Let’s Design the Future of the Industry

Highly skilled engineers, project simulations and advanced technologies will be waiting for you. Drop by booth #2126 to learn more about our innovative solutions to make your facilities healthy and high-performance.

Not registered yet? Enjoy free access to the exhibition space.

cim convention

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