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  • BP Pont-Rouge

    (Pont-Rouge, Québec)

    Panels and fiber acoustic ceiling tiles manufacturer.

    Air balance standardization and steam heating systems replacement with an high efficiency heaters.

  • TRT Etgo

    (Bécancour, Québec)

    Agricultural processing industry.

    gas consumption reduction thanks to dust collector insulation.

  • Lauzon

    (Papineauville, Outaouais)

    Pellet Plant.

    Pre-heating and pre-drying raw material with residual energy.

  • Boisaco

    (Sacré-Coeur, Saguenay)

    Lumber producer.

    New biomass boiler for wood kilns installation.

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Heat Recirculation and Recovery


Thermal energy optimization is by far our most common task.

Raw Materials Pre-Drying And Pre-Heating

Recycling residual waste heat to pre-treat raw materials upstream in the process helps reduce energy consumption.

Air Destratification

By installing an “Airextube” ventilation system that allows fresh air inside, there is no need for additional heat since the hot air blend with outside air provides a suitable intake temperature.

Steam Decentralization

Replacement, with decentralized natural gas units or with condensing boilers, is a choice that considerably reduces energy use while providing a short-term return on investment.

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