Chemical Scrubber Gaseous Contaminant Filter With Activated Carbon

chemical scrubber gaseous contaminant filter

Airex Industries' mandate for this particular project was to find a way to help a company that uses bitumen eliminate their volatile organic compounds [VOC] emissions

The company has silos storing the bitumen which is loaded by tank trucks. The sticky, tar-like form of petroleum naturally emits volatile organic compounds [VOC] which are somewhat problematic for the company if it wants to conform to Canada's federal agenda, developped by the Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Health, on the reduction of emissions of volatile organic compounds from consumers and commercial products.

Airex Industries first connected the top of all the silos together. The contaminated air is lead via some ducts to an oil separator in order to remove the oil particulates within it. After that, it undergoes through a second separation process through the Wetrex, a wet dust collector; the air's relative humidity is raised before finally moving on to the actual chemical scrubber where activated carbon, through a chemical reaction, eliminates any remaining impurities, volatile organic compounds [VOC], and smells from the air.

One interesting characteristic one should notice from the chemical scrubber is that it is equipped with arc vanes in order to facilitate the used charcoal's offloading. Trickle valves wouldn't be able to retain the weight of all the activated carbon and rotary airlocks would simply jam and burn themselves out.

chemical scrubber gaseous contaminant filter
chemical scrubber gaseous contaminant filter
separation process by wet dust collector
arc vane
volatile organic compounds elimination

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